Best Personal Loans For Bad Credit 2022: Compare Personal Loan Lenders & Rates Online

When dealing with Personal Loans financial struggles and needing quick funds for significant life events, opting for personal loans might be the best choice for you.
These loans often come with lower interest rates and flexible repayment terms. They can be used for various purposes such as consolidating debt, home improvements, covering medical expenses, paying for traveling, wedding expenses, and many more.

However, searching for reliable online lenders and going from one lender to another, and waiting to be approved for a loan at the bank can be very time-consuming, which is not ideal if you need quick funds for emergencies.

Luckily, you can find companies specializing in providing loans for people in need of funds regardless of their credit scores.
To find out more, we suggest you keep reading our article personal loans review, as we will discuss some of the best personal loan companies and give you insights on how you can apply for this type of loan.

CashUSA – Reliable Loan Company For Quick Cash Advance & Fast Loans

CashUSA is one of the leading online loan providers that is dedicated to providing an easy and convenient way of obtaining loan offers.
No matter if you need to consolidate debt, cover medical or wedding expenses, remodel your home or take a necessary vacation, CashUSA has some of the most extensive lenders networks that offer reasonable loan terms.

Best Personal Loans

CashUSA has helped numerous customers overcome financial struggles, and the company is very transparent, which is why it is trusted and well-reputed in the business.
The platform has a very user-friendly website that you can easily navigate and understand, and you can also find all the information you need regarding loan terms.

For those who are applying for a personal loan for the first time, CashUSA has educational articles and guides on financial topics related to credit, finances, debt, and banking.
Moreover, the company offers credit-related services and a third-party network of lenders for those who will not be able to get a loan offer.

Who can apply?

CashUSA has several requirements that you need to meet in order to be approved for a loan. You need to be 18 years old as well as be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the US. The company requires the applicants to be employed for at least 90 days and meet the lender’s income requirements.
With that being said, you will need to provide home and work phone numbers, a valid email address, and a valid checking account in your name.

Application process

When you are in need of funds, the last thing you probably want is to wait to submit paperwork and get accepted for a loan.
Luckily, the application process on CashUSA is quick and easy. What you need to do is complete the online form by entering personal and banking information.
When you submit the form, CashUSA connects you with potential lenders who present you with loan offers. You will need to examine all terms with utmost care and decide whether you would like to accept a certain loan offer.


• Once you submit an application, you can get accepted in some minutes.
• The loan amounts from CashUSA range from $500 to $10,000.
• Wide network of lenders providing loans regardless of credit score.
• The APRs on CashUSA vary from 5.99% to 35.9%, depending on several factors.
• Repayment terms for personal loans by CashUSA can vary from 90 days to 72 months.
• The loan funds from the lenders will be transferred directly into your account, usually within 24 hours.
• CashUSA implements protection and security measures to protect your data.
• The website is simple yet very informative.
• It provides educational resources and credit repair services.

2. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Personal Loans Platform Trusted By Borrowers With Low Credit Scores

MoneyMutual is a well-known online loan provider that works as a marketplace for borrowers and lenders that provide personal and other types of loans for people dealing with financial hardships.
This company was founded in 2010, and since then, MoneyMutuals has successfully provided matching services for more than 2,000,000 customers.
Even though it is not a direct lender, once you apply for a loan, MoneyMutuals will connect you with potential lenders that decide whether they would like to offer you a loan based on your provided information.

Who can apply?

In order to get accepted for a loan on MoneyMutuals, you need to be 18 years old, a resident of the US as well as have a regular income of at least $800 per month. You will also be required to provide an active checking account in your name for funds transfer.
Suppose you meet all of these criteria, the chances of obtaining a personal loan from MoneyMutuals are very high.
To apply, you will need to complete an online application by entering your personal information such as the place you live, information about your employment status and credit score, details about your income, banking information, and others.
After you submit your application, the lenders will then provide you with loan offers that you will need to examine and decide whether you would like to accept the loan offer that works the best for you.


• On MoneyMutual, you can get a personal loan from $200 to $5,000.
• The platform gives applicants access to more than 60 short-term lenders.
• You must fill out a quick and simple application form online to apply for a loan.
• MoneyMutual’s lenders provide loans for people with good and bad credit scores.
• The company doesn’t charge you for connecting you with potential lenders.
• Each of the lenders has its own terms and conditions that you will need to carefully examine.
• The interest rates for personal loans on MoneyMutuals range from 200% to 1,300%.
• The repayment terms, fees as well as other loan details are discussed between the borrowers and the lenders.

• Funds are transferred directly into your bank account generally in just 24 hours.
• MoneyMutual’s website is very user-friendly as well as secure and certified.
• The company has published educational resources and guides on how to obtain loans.


• Quick application and acceptance process
• For people with different credit ratings
• The company provides fast and secure funding
• Implements security measures to protect client’s data
• A well-reputed company trusted by numerous clients

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